This Burning Land

By Greg Myre and Jennifer Griffin


Greg Myre and Jennifer Griffin, journalists who are husband and wife, arrived in Jerusalem in 1999 with plans to begin a family and hopes of witnessing a historic Middle East peace deal. They soon found themselves raising two young daughters while covering the worst fighting ever between Israelis and Palestinians.
In “This Burning Land,” Myre, a former New York Times reporter, and Griffin, a Fox News correspondent, show readers how the conflict has changed dramatically over the past decade. They witness the pivotal events and delve into the thinking that motivates some Palestinians to be suicide bombers and others to work as informants for Israel’s security forces. They travel to isolated West Bank outposts where Israeli settlers vow never to relinquish the land, and accompany young Israeli troops as they stage midnight raids in militant strongholds.
They weave these stories together to addresses the fundamental paradox at the core of the conflict. Israel is stronger than it’s ever been, with a vibrant society, a flourishing economy and a powerful military. Yet it cannot find a way to end the feud with the Palestinians. In turn, the world supports the Palestinian dream of statehood, and yet no such state is likely to emerge soon.


Jennifer Griffin served as the Middle East correspondent for Fox News in Jerusalem during the tumultuous years of 1999-2007. She is now the national security correspondent for Fox, based at the Pentagon, and continues to travel regularly to the Middle East. She and her husband live in Washington, D.C. with their three children.
While fighting breast cancer, Jennifer began writing a blog to share her journey. Visit JG's blog
Greg Myre worked as a New York Times reporter in Jerusalem. He was a foreign correspondent for two decades, reporting from more than 50 countries and covering a dozen wars and conflicts throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union. He is now senior editor at National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program.


"Myre and Griffin have written a stunning piece of nonfiction about the tortured and heartbreaking stalemate in the Middle East. This is a brilliant book - superbly written and devastatingly insightful. The fact that they raised two little girls while reporting this story makes every explosion, every riot, every checkpoint especially upsetting. I don't know how they did it."
-- Sebastian Junger, author of "War" and "The Perfect Storm"
"Myre and Griffin have written an extraordinary story -- personal yet hard-hitting -- that takes you inside the world of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the hopes and fears that drive it. There are no punches pulled here. A must read for anyone who prefers Middle East reality over fantasy.
-- Aaron David Miller, former U.S. peace negotiator and author of "The Much Too Promised Land."  
"This Burning Land" is what you get when you unleash two excellent reporters on one of the wold's most compelling stories. With eloquence, insight, and a real sense of urgency, Greg Myre and Jennifer Griffin bring to life places like Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip during a time of siege and chaos. Even if you disagree with their conclusions, you will be swept up in their story of tragedy and hope.
-- Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic correspondent and author of "Prisoners: A Muslim and a Jew Across the Middle East Divide."